From where I stand, the sun is shining all over the place.
From where I stand, the sun is shining all over the place.

From where I stand, the sun is shining all over the place.

Kathy Selden: This California dew’s a little heavier than usual tonight.

Don Lockwood: Oh really? From where I stand, the sun is shining all over the place…

Singin’ In the Rain

It’s been very warm and sunny lately but we recently had a whole lot of rain – which was especially unfortunate since I just finished my run of Legally Blonde, in an outdoor theater in New Jersey. But Agwe must have been smiling because despite several storms, we didn’t have a single rained out performance!

Ashley as “Serena” in Legally Blonde

It’s been feeling a bit rainy in other ways though. Now that audition season has slowed down, it’s become much easier to think about all the things I wasn’t able to accomplish in the last year. I still haven’t found a fitness regime I can stick to and afford financially, I haven’t figured out a truly steady stream of income to survive independently that still allows me to pursue my theatrical career, and I have yet to start the process of finally getting my driver’s license (don’t judge! I moved to NY after high school!).

But amongst all of this rain, there has been an enormous amount of sunshine. I’ve created and fostered connections with mentors, friends and industry professionals in ways I never anticipated. I’ve started the work-study program at Broadway Dance Center and am finally able to take dance class regularly again. Though an unpaid gig, I got to perform for the largest audience of my life (Over 10,000 people for 10 performances!), in a role I truthfully never thought I’d play, making new friends and fans along the way as well as learning a lot more about who I am, what I am capable of and how far I’m willing to push myself as a performer and a person.

Getting festive behind the scenes at Legally Blonde

Though I’m not where my “life plan” said I’d be a year ago, I have never been more optimistic about the future.

So if you’re tired of watching everybody around you on vacation while you head to work (and if you’re in NY, there’s a LOT of people on vacation right now), if the rainy weather or the metaphorical rain in your life is getting you down just pull a Don Lockwood and do a little singin’ and dancin’ and you’re sure to come out on the other side alright.


Keep hustling, friends!
XO Ashley